"Debra Townsend is the consummate pro in crafting powerful messages. For more than a decade for me, and on multiple projects, she has shaped communications that evoked emotions, painted landscapes and motivated action, from the head and the heart. She is blessed with an advancement fluency essential to persuasive writing in our business. She is a client's dream: she helps us conceptualize not just what we want, but what we truly need; she balances winsome respect for the client with being a polite provocateur. Most importantly, she has very high standards. A five star communicator!"

Ronald Joyce
Vice President for Advancement
Trinity College, Hartford CT

The Written Word

Writing and Editing

First and foremost, Debra Townsend is a writer. She takes great pride in her ability to use the written word to create, reposition, and strengthen an organization and its leaders. Her words have played a major role in times of crisis and change, opportunity and progress.

Speechwriting for CEOs and Board Members

Debra Townsend works closely with leaders to assure their success in public venues and situations. She works hard to understand the nuances of issues and capture the voice of the speaker. Her messages can be uplifting, serious, humorous or motivational as necessary, and sometimes all of the above.

Transition, Fundraising and Marketing Materials

Townsend has prepared, on behalf of her clientele, everything from major board and CEO announcements and constituent letters to press releases and publications to website content to “tweets”. She helps craft messages and materials that hit the mark and help achieve ultimate goals.