"Debra helped us to overhaul our communications program productively and significantly during both of her interim engagements. She was tremendously helpful not only in carrying out day-to-day operations but also in responding
to communications crises during which her performance was outstanding and her contributions invaluable. She is energetic, positive, direct, upbeat and candid. She uses her clear and analytical eye to give a thoughtful assessment
of what works and what doesn't. With Debra, there are no hidden agendas and her directness and honesty make her a valuable colleague. She'd be the first person I'd seek out if I needed someone with her skills again."

Michael Casey
Vice President for Advancement
Skidmore College

Management and Department Review

Motivating Public Relations and Marketing Organization

Communications on Demand helps its clients revisit, reorient and revitalize communications and marketing offices. Debra Townsend has redesigned departments and budgets, hired staff, redirected messaging, and advised on major branding, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Interim Management

Debra often steps in to temporarily fill a gap at the top of communications organizations, making the most of the opportunity to analyze function, staff, structure and image. She seeks to quickly assimilate as a manager and individual contributor and leave the organization better for the experience.

Search, Screening, and Hiring Communications Professionals

Debra Townsend is experienced with every stage of the hiring process, including writing job descriptions and ads, networking for candidates, reviewing and selecting resumes, to screening and interviewing, checking references to advising on the ultimate hiring decisions.