"I have worked with Debra Townsend for many years. She has enormous PR bandwidth! Debra has a remarkable ability to understand even the most complex public affairs challenge quickly, always getting right to the heart of the matter. She works equally well with organizational leaders and in-house staff, using a team approach to create and implement effective communications strategies. She's one of the best in the business."

Lisa Rudgers
President, Lisa Rudgers Associates
Former Vice President for Communications, The University of Michigan

Advice and Strategy

Vision Articulation

Debra has a keen ability to capture the thoughts and voice of her clients in a way that is true and authentic. With her assistance, leaders of organizations are better able to articulate their strategic goals in a way that resonates with all constituents.

Crisis Communications

Leaders turn to Debra Townsend as a trusted and steady adviser who seamlessly becomes a part of the team in times of crisis. Her work has taken her around the country and involved her in highly-charged situations where she helps her clients to quickly address and quell issues then move forward.

Review of Print, Web, and New Media Presence and Profile

Clients tap Debra’s expertise to analyze how institutions are portraying themselves across the spectrum of communications vehicles and messages. She conducts audits and reviews personal, print and web presence and provides candid feedback and thorough recommendations.