"Debra Townsend is smart, wise, candid, and creative. As good as she is at crisis communications, she's even better at making that function less necessary. She understands the issues leaders confront today - and knows the ones on the horizon. In a counseling world where trends, tag lines, and technologies too often are offered as communications solutions, she knows it's your vision, not just your agenda that must be appreciated. The quick fix isn't in her portfolio. I know people who've worked for Debra and they really like her; I know people who've worked with Debra and they love her."

Terry Denbow
Vice President for University Relations
Michigan State University


Advice And Strategy

  • Vision Articulation
  • Crisis Communications
  • Review of Print, Web, and New Media Presence and Profile

The Written Word

  • Writing and Editing
  • Speechwriting for CEOs and Board Members
  • Transition, Fundraising and Marketing Materials

Management And Department Review

  • Motivating Public Relations and Marketing Organization
  • Interim Management
  • Search, Screening, and Assistance with Hiring Communications Professionals