"Debra was able to become a valued member of my senior management team and quickly take on a complex set of issues, goals and challenges. She became a respected advisor to me and many others at WSU. Her diverse experience with national issues and creativity in addressing them raised the bar and helped communicators across our four campuses set bigger goals and higher standards for themselves. Her efforts in the realm of new media were especially helpful."

Elson S. Floyd
Washington State University


Since establishing Communications on Demand, in 1997, Debra Townsend has worked on widely diverse projects and issues with over 80 different organizations, many on multiple occasions. She has guided a large number of colleges and other organizations dealing with significant crises and transitions. She has also advised over 40 CEOs on improving and redirecting communications and marketing and has worked with an equal number of communications, fundraising and marketing vice presidents and directors to improve and increase their public profile and take advantage of new opportunities in marketing, public relations, new media and internal communications. She has written over 100 speeches for leaders in academia, government, and business.

While maintaining her role as principal of Communications on Demand, Debra has taken on a dozen part-time interim positions, using the opportunity to reorient, restructure, advise on employee performance, and hire key people for each organization. She spent an entire contractual year, from September ’08 to ’09, working exclusively with Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, as special advisor to the President and his senior team.

She is best known as a strategist, a visionary, a cool head in a crisis, and a talented writer.

To expand upon her services, Townsend has established a number of “virtual teams” with other communicators, graphic designers, fundraisers, web and new media experts, and photographers that allow her to take on large and complex projects. She works most closely with Kris Fitzgerald of 2K Design. See her website www.2KDesign.com.